Lawyer Referral Services

  • Do you need personal assistance with your search for a lawyer?  
  • Do you have a legal question and want to talk with a lawyer but don’t know who to trust?    

The Lawyer Referral Service is happy to help find a lawyer for you!

The Lawyer Referral Service staff will match you with a Dauphin County Bar Association member who practices in the area of law appropriate for your legal need. 

In addition to being a Bar Association member in good standing, our lawyers are appropriately licensed, insured and have no disciplinary actions against them.  Each lawyer selected the areas of law in which they will accept referrals.

Like other Bar Association Referral Services, we charge a $51.50 non-refundable administrative fee via credit card and in return you will get a consultation of up to a half hour with the attorney.   The consultation will not be today and usually is scheduled for the next week or two.  Thus, our service is not designed for emergency situations.    If you decide you want to hire that attorney, then you discuss fee arrangements directly with the attorney. 

You can either click here for our Find A Lawyer or call our Referral Service at 717-232-7536, option #2 to connect with our Referral staff. 

During the COVID-19 Crisis, when you call please follow the prompts and leave a message.  
We will gladly return your call as soon as possible.
Please note:  Our return call may come from a blocked number.

You can be confident that our staff will find the right lawyer for you!

Please note:  The Referral Service does not accept walk-ins and is closed on Fridays.  The Service does NOT provide FREE legal services and our staff is not allowed to give legal advice or answer legal questions.

To learn about our Modest Means Program, please go to the link below:

Modest Means Application

Consumer Protection Clinic Application

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