CAMP 1L Internship Program

Diversity Initiatives


Ayooluwa Agnes Ariyo | Widener University Commonwealth Law School | McNees Wallace & Nurick

Hanna Betz | Penn State Dickinson Law | Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP/Penn National Insurance

Tessa J. Brandsema | Penn State Dickinson Law | Post & Schell

Sai Nitya Bodavala | Penn State Dickinson Law | Eckert Seamans

Taylor Clark | Penn State Law | Troutman Pepper

Jaiden Moore | Penn State Dickinson Law | Thomas Thomas & Hafer

Janeane Gordon | Widener Commonwealth Law School | City of Harrisburg (K&L Gates)

Esther Yeo | Penn State Dickinson Law | PA  American Water (Stevens & Lee)

Pooja Iyer | Penn State Dickinson Law | Mette Evans Woodside

Anthony Austin | Penn State Dickinson Law | Stevens & Lee


2021 CAMP Testimonials


"The CAMP internship program was a great learning experience. The opportunity to contribute to work in the local community and the firsthand learning experience was immense. I ended my internship feeling accomplished knowing I played a part in something bigger than myself all while exploring different fields of practice." NO 2021

"The CAMP program was amazing. It helped me grow and learn more about different areas of law. It also provided many networking opportunities." SB 2021

"The CAMP program has been an invaluable experience for so many reasons. I learned a great deal about practice areas that I either had never considered or never heard of. On top of that, I met so many different kinds of lawyers and was given the opportunity to really grasp the wide-ranging variety of possible legal careers." EA 2021

"The CAMP 1L program is a challenging and rewarding experience. The program pushed me to get out of my comfort zone as a student and take on the responsibilities of an Associate at a law firm. Over the course of the eight week program I learned a lot about myself and the type of lawyer I want to be and the nature of work I want to pursue once I’m finished with law school. I am thankful to the visionary leadership of the DCBA for this progressive program and this formidable opportunity." SK 2021

"The CAMP 1L program provided an invaluable educational, hands-on experience that any 1L would gain from. I am happy I decided to intern with the program and look forward to seeing any future opportunities the DCBA has". DS 2021

"I learned and experienced more than I ever imagined I would." CD 2020

"CAMP 1L is a brilliant introduction into the legal profession, and allows you to experience the day to day workings of lawyers. I really learned a lot during my time with the firm, like how to file court papers, write-up memos, and the background research that goes into cases. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything." TY 2020

"I love the CAMP program! It opens many unexpected doors for law students who do know not what they want from this field. I would recommend this program to every law student!" TW 2020

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