COVID-19 Updates



COVID-19 Updates

Below is a list of COVID-19 Court Orders and Resources.  If you have something you would like added, please email and I will get it added as soon as possible.


Court Information:


March 16 - 12th Judicial District (Dauphin County) Administrative Order Order
March 16 - 9th Judicial District (Cumberland County) Declaration
March 16 - 12th Judicial District (Dauphin County) Emergency Declaration
March 17 - Dauphin County Declaration of Judicial Emergency
March 17 - Cumberland County Administrative Order
March 18 - Superior Court Order - Statewide Judicial Emergency
March 18 - AOPC Press Release
March 18 - Supreme Court of Western PA Judicial Emergency
March 19 - PA CLE Order Modifying CLE Education Rules for Compliance Group 1
March 21 - Insurance Department Notice Regarding COVID-19 Insurance Coverage
March 21 - Updated Essential/Non-Essential Business Listing
March 22 - Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Middle District (Petitioners’ Emergency Ex Parte Application for Extraordinary Relief Pursuant to the Court’s King’s Bench Jurisdiction)
Essential/Non-Essential Business Listing (also please see screen shot below)



March 24 - Supreme Court Supplemental Order

March 26 - Corona Virus – Dauphin County Economic & Small Business Resources

March 27 - Bar Admissions Order

March 27 - Alternative Filing Procedure For Children’s Fast Track Appeals

March 30 - Supplemental Administrative Order

March 30 - Cumberland County Recorder of Deeds Press Release

April 1 - Dauphin County Second Supplemental Administrative Order

April 1 - Dauphin County Supplemental Declaration

April 1 - Supreme Court of PA Western District Second Supplemental Order

April 1 - Dauphin County Register of Wills & Clerk of Orphan's Court Press Release

April 1 - Dauphin County Third Supplemental Administrative Order

April 1 - Dauphin County Supplemental Declaration (updated)

April 2- Cumberland County Register of Wills Press Release

April 8 - Dauphin County Fourth Supplemental Administrative Order

April 8 - US District Court Middle District of PA General Order 20-10

April 9 - Corrected Cumberland County Register of Wills Press Release

April 15 - Supreme Court of PA - Order Temporarily Modify PA Rule of CLE 108(e) - Distance Learning Credits

April  17 - Cumberland County  Administrative Order - Jury Trials May 26, 2020

April 21 - AOPC New Statewide Partnership Focuses on Autism Awareness and Education in the Courts 

April 23 - Dauphin County Fifth Supplemental Administrative Order

April 23 - Second Supplemental Declaration

April 23 - Cumberland County Criminal Duty Judge Rotation

April 28 - Supreme Court of PA Western District Emergency Order

April 28 - Updated Industry Operations Guidelines

May 1 - Cumberland County Judicial Emergency and Limited Reopening of the Courts

May 4 - Cumberland County Register of Wills Press Release

May 11 - Pennsylvania Superior Court Releases Upcoming Oral Argument Schedule

May 14 - AOPC News Release - PA Supreme Court to Hold May Argument Session via Live-Stream

May 22 - Cumberland County Administrative Order

May 22 - Cumberland County Criminal July Trials Administrative Order

May 27 - Supreme Court of PA Ends Judicial Emergency

May 27 - Supreme Court Order Ending Judicial Emergency

May 29 - Dauphin County Sixth Supplemental Administrative Order

May 29 - Dauphin County Third Supplemental Declaration

May 29 - Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers Resource Guide

June 2 - Fourth Supplemental Declaration

June 3 - Dauphin County Courts Scheduled to Reopen to the Public

June 11, 2020 - Cumberland County Court Administrative Order

June 16 - Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers Resource Guide

June 18 - Dauphin County Administrative Order in Re: Evictions

June 29 - Administrative Order in Re: Jury Trials

July 2 - Cumbrerland County Argument Court Administrative Order

July 7 - Order of the Secretary of Health Requiring Universal Face Coverings

July 8, 2020 - Cumberland County July Arraignment Order 


Other information:


Brown Schultz Sheridan & Fritz Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Page

March 21 - Insurance Department Notice Regarding COVID-19 Insurance Coverage

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act

SkarlatosZonarich COVID-19 Page

Waiver 14 - Notaries in Person Requirement - Limited Real Estate Transactions

USJ Resource Page

Third Circuit and District Court Websites

Office of Unemployment Compensation

PA Department of Health

FAQ from Pittsburgh Congressman on the CARES Act

ABA Paycheck Protection Program Summary

Morgan Stanley Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) Summary

PA Department of State Allows Remote Notary of Some Documents

Paycheck Protection Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Payroll Tax Credits: Frequently Asked Questions

Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Emergency Paid Sick & Family Leave Expansion Explained

CARES Act Employer Payroll Deferral WARNING

Estate Planning During COVID-19

Order of the Secretary of PA Dept. of Health - Directing Building Safety Measures

FFCRA Employee Rights Poster

Request for Emergency Paid Sick Leave Form

Morgan Stanley - Biotechnology: COVID-19: A Prescription To Get The US Back To Work

PA Reviews Life-Sustaining Businesses

Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers PA COVID-19 Resources

Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers April 15 Remote Well Being Wednesday Flyer

COVID-19 and Bar Exam Letter

New EEOC Virus Advice Touches on Screenings, Medical Info

04-08-20 Town Hall Meeting With Court - Summary

4-15-20 Town Hall Meeting Avenues For Economic Relief - Summary

04-21-20 Remote Notarization of all Documents Legal in PA Until 60 Days After COVID-19 Emergency Expires

04-22-20 DCBA Town Hall Video Link-- Being your Best Personal & Professional Self during the time of COVID (password: 0R&5#D+Z)

04-29-20 Further Guidance for Exception Permitting Attorneys to Access Their Offices

05-06-20 Update with the Court Town Hall Video (password: 2w!4!x8L)

05-08-20 Family Law Section Town Hall (password: 1N!2l%7u)

05-08-20 Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers Updated Resource Page

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (Phila. office)

Harrisburg Social Security Office New Fax Number

05-15-20 Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers Updated Resource Guide

05-20-20 Coping with COVID Town Hall (please contact the DCBA for the password)

CARES RRP Informational Flyer


HOW YOU CAN HELP?: The Director of Downtown Daily Bread describes the dire situation that homeless and hungry people and the ministries that serve them are facing.  You and other individuals/families can help by placing food and/or bottled water or boxed drinks in the Community Pantry Cupboard along Cranberry Street beside St. Stephen's Cathedral School. The wooden cupboard has a latched door and steel mail boxes are mounted on each side of the cupboard.  Items may be put into any one of the containers.   People can drive to St. Stephen's in a car, stop at the box, place items in it, and drive away, thereby not making contact with anyone.  Always use Purell afterwards. Food could be P&J or cheese sandwiches (plastic wrapped or bagged), hard boiled eggs, and self-opening food containers.  It's rewarding way to serve the needy and get out of the house for a brief trip.

Here is some information you may want to pass along to your clients:
Because of COVID-19/coronavirus and the rapidly changing nature of the situation, CONTACT Helpline/ PA 2-1-1 is committed to providing the most accurate information to our community.

Note: We will maintain our regular 24-hour service during the COVID-19 situation.

Dial 2-1-1 for info and referral
800-932-4616 for emotional listening
Or go online to:


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