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DCBA board president Lisa Benzie issued the following:

Among the purposes of the DCBA are promoting the administration of justice, upholding the honor and integrity of the Bar, and promoting programs to provide effective, affordable legal services to all segments of society.

We at the DCBA are, like much of the country, deeply troubled by the death of George Floyd and its aftermath. We are, likewise, troubled by the years of similar events that have subjected too many of our fellow citizens to different standards, rather than the rule of law that is intended to apply equally to all. To many in this country, particularly communities of color, justice is not blind.

As lawyers, we are committed to the rule of law. We pledge to uphold it, abide by it, and defend it. We believe in equal justice for all. We believe in the right to peaceable assembly and the right to free speech. We do not support or excuse violence, destruction of property, or the violation of others’ rights.

We are in a time of change, and this moment of unrest in our country is creating a legacy. The DCBA will continue to contribute positively to the opportunities that this juncture creates: standing in support of equal justice for all, acting to help those who suffer under the burdens of racism and hate, and restoring faith in our justice system. We hope you will join us.

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