The Family Law Section provides a forum through which members of the Dauphin County Bar Association who practice in the field of domestic relations may network and keep current on cases, legislation, and local procedure.  The Section invites guest speakers to present various topics of interest at regularly scheduled meeetings.  Section members also receive informational emailings.  The Section serves as a liaison with the Dauphin County Bench regarding administrative procedures and local practice.  Interested Dauphin County Bar Association members may join the Family Law Section on an annual basis; annual dues are $25.

From time to time Masters Decisions are published below:

Masters Decisions

Updated Cumulative Index of the Divorce Master Reports (Posted August 1, 2013)
Lindenmuth v. Lindenmuth 2014-CV-1819-DV
Master's Case Summaries posted 4/1/2015 
Master's Case Summaries posted 8/3/2015
Master's Case Summaries posted 11/13/2015
Addition to Master's Summaries Herb v. Herb posted 11/30/2015
Master's Case Summaries posted 1/15/2016
Master Case Summary May 2016


Below you will find recent opinions sent to us by the Dauphin County Courts to share with the Section Members.

Melton v. Sligh (Judge Tully)
Miller v. Miller (Judge Tully)
Miller v. Jones (Judge Tully)
Kaiser v. Kaiser (Judge Tully)
Kaiser v. Kaiser - Appeal (Judge Tully)
Stauffer v. Kleinfelter (Judge Tully)
Norman v. Norman (Judge Tully)
Brumfield and Brumfield v. Campbell and Mangus (Judge Morris)
Sawyer v. Sawyer (Judge Morris)
Thompson v. Black (Judge Marsico)
Bekelja v. Malseed (Judge Marsico)
J.K. and T.Z. v. A.M.U. and G.U. (Judge Turgeon)
M.R. v. F.B. CU Appeal (Judge Turgeon)
J.S. v. R.S.S. (Judge Turgeon)

D.Q.P. v. T.C. (Judge Turgeon)

Superior Court Case Opinions

Speaker v. Speaker