Young Lawyers Section Past Chairs

Dauphin County Bar Association

1976 Bonnie Menaker
1977 Richard A. Lewis
1978 Richard A. Jameson
1979 James F. Carl
1980 David B. Disney
1981 Jeffrey R. Boswell
1982 Karen M. Balaban
1983 John C. Howett, Jr.
1984 Thomas E. Wood
1985 Jeannine Turgeon
1986 Robert D. Stets
1987 Thomas E. Brenner
1988 Jessie L. Smith
1989 Michael L. Solomon
1990 William T. C. Tully
1991 Robyn J. Katzman
1992 James W. Abraham
1993 Edward M. Marsico, Jr.
1994 Thomas P. Gacki
1995 J. Paul Helvy
1996 John J. McNally, III
1997 Glenn P. Heisey
1998 Mark D. Bradshaw
1999 Debra D. Cantor
2000 Jonathan W. Kunkel
2001 Elizabeth S. "Liesl" Beckley
2002 Renee Mattei Myers
2003 Pamela C. Polacek
2004 Stephen Moniak
2005 Brett M. Woodburn
2006 Adam M. Shienvold
2007 Robert M. Walker
2008 Edward F. Spreha, Jr
2009 Pamela L. Purdy
2010 Courtney Kishel Powell
2011 Carrie E. Smyth
2012 Kimberly A. Selemba
2013 Jennifer M. Caron
2014 Anthony F. Andrisano, Jr.
2015 Nicole R. Antos
2016 Amanda A. Batz
2017 Joseph P. Cardinale

2018 Anthony M. Hoover
2019 Jessica E. Smith 

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