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Lawyers for the Arts is a collaboration between the Dauphin County Bar Association and Widener University Commonwealth Law School. Lawyers for the Arts pairs qualifying artists and arts organizations of limited means with experienced attorneys providing pro bono representation.

Lawyers for the Arts also presents members of the community with information about common legal issues that artists encounter, including issues involving intellectual property, contracts, sales, business formation, landlord-tenant law, and taxes, among other things. These programs will help artists identify and avoid legal risks when possible and will serve to raise awareness of the resources available from the DCBA and other organizations when legal representation is needed.

Please contact Sandy Ballard (232-7536 or sandy@dcba-pa.org) for more information. 

For more information:  https://theburgnews.com/in-the-burg/brushes-briefs-arty-types-find-unexpected-sourcelawyers

Mission Statement

The Dauphin County Bar Association’s Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (VLA) program serves the creative community of Central Pennsylvania. VLA provides free legal representation to all disciplines of artists (and arts and cultural organizations) of limited means. VLA also offers educational programs to provide artists with an understanding of legal matters to help further their creative endeavors.


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